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Chinese Notes

痕迹 (痕跡) hénjì

hénjì noun vestige / mark / trace
Domain: Modern Chinese 现代汉语 , Subdomain: Observation 观察

Texts that the word is most frequently mentioned in

Collection Document Title Occurrences
Book of Wei 《魏書》 卷12 孝静紀 Volume 12 Annals: (Emperor) Xiaojing 1
Book of Wei 《魏書》 卷19上 景穆十二王上 Volume 19a: Emperor Jingmu Twelve Princes 1 1
Book of Wei 《魏書》 卷19中 景穆十二王中 Volume 19b: Emperor Jingmu Twelve Princes 2 1
Book of Wei 《魏書》 卷106中 地形志二中 Volume 106b Treatise 2: Terrain 2 1
Wenxuan 《文選》 卷二十七 Scroll 27 1
Book of Wei 《魏書》 卷101 氐 吐榖渾 宕昌 高昌 鄧至 蠻 獠 Volume 101: Di Peoples, Tuyuhun, Dangchang, Gaochang, Dengzhi, Man, Liao 1