1. xùn adjective obedient / mild / compliant
    Domain: Literary Chinese 文言文
    Notes: (Kroll '巽' 1; Unihan '巽')
  2. xùn noun xun / one of the eight trigrams
    Domain: Literature 文学 , Subdomain: China 中国 , Concept: Trigrams 卦
    Notes: One of the 八卦 eight trigrams, symbolizing wood and wind, listed in the 《易經》 Book of Changes; symbol ☴ (Guoyu '巽' n; Kroll '巽' 2; Nylan 2001p. 218; Unihan '巽')
  3. xùn verb to comply / to politely yield
    Domain: Literary Chinese 文言文
    Notes: (Guoyu '巽' v)

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