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Chinese Notes

小学生 (小學生) xiǎoxué shēng

xiǎoxué shēng noun elementary school student / primary school student
Domain: Education 教育


Simplified Traditional Example Example Reference Frequency
小学生百 小學生百 小學生百人 History of Jin 《金史》 卷五十一 志第三十二: 選舉一 進士諸科律科 經童科 制舉 武舉 試學士院官 司天、醫學試科 Volume 51 Treatises 32: Selection of Officials 1 - Jinshi in all Subjects and Legal Articles; Children Passing Examinations; Processes for Selecting Talented People; Successful Candidates in the Military Examinations; Institutions Administering Examinations; Astronomy Bureau; Examinations for Medicine 2
小学生范 小學生範 被选为小学生范文还登了报 Media articles 文学 Literature - Fragment f (2016-02-04) 2