sǎo noun sister-in-law; elder brother's wife
Domain: Literary Chinese 文言文 , Subdomain: Family , Concept: Relative 亲戚
Notes: (Unihan '嫂')

Contained in

  • 月嫂 woman hired to take care of a newborn child and its mother in the month after childbirth
  • 嫂嫂 older brother's wife; sister-in-law; (polite address to a younger married woman) sister
  • 育儿嫂(育兒嫂) nanny (for infants and toddlers)
  • 大嫂 older brother's wife; sister-in-law
  • 堂嫂 wife of older male cousin via male line
  • 家嫂 (polite) my sister-in-law
  • 军嫂(軍嫂) serviceman's wife; wives of military personnel
  • 兄嫂 elder brother and his wife
  • 嫂子 older brother's wife
  • 空嫂 married stewardess of mature age
  • 表嫂 wife of older male cousin via female line
  • 舅嫂 wife's brother's wife; sister-in-law

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