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Decorative Designs in Chinese Art

Fire Design <a title=火纹' title='Fire Design 火纹'/> Decorative Designs in Chinese Art — This article describes decorative art on pottery, bronze ware, and many other art works and artifacts. Decorative art is distinguished from fine art in that decorative art is most often uses repeated designs and is applied to artifacts that have functions in themselves. Decorative art has a fascinating story to tell about Chinese culture that is not as easily told using words alone.

中华民族 Chinese Ethnic Groups

Chinese Ethnic Groups — China has 56 ethnic groups. The English and Chinese names for each and the regions that they inhabit are listed here.

Introduction to Calligraphy

Introduction to Calligraphy 书法入门 — Introduces materials, holding and moving the brush, drawing strokes, fundamental strokes (Yanti), and copying.

Words of Thanks

感恩 Words of Thanks

Historic Sites and Scenic Places 名胜古迹

Temple of Ancient Monarchs

Hongluo Temple

<a title=红螺寺 Hongluo Temple' title='红螺寺Hongluo Temple'/> Hongluo Temple 红螺寺 — This temple was built by the senior monk Fo Tucheng in the fourth year of the reign of Emperor Xian Kang in the Eastern Jin period (338 AD).

Prince Gong's Palace

Prince Gong's Palace 恭王府 — Prince Gong's Palace is one of Beijing's still existing, most refined, best preserved, and complete Qing Dynasty declared bureau.

Chinese Buddhism

Chinese Buddhism 中国佛教 — Lists, maps, and background for Chinese Buddhist sites

Temple of Ancient Monarchs 历代帝王庙 — The Temple of Ancient Monarchs was first built in the ninth year of the Ming Emperor Jia Jing (1530) ...

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