1. verb to mortgage / to pawn
    Domain: Literary Chinese 文言文
    Notes: (Unihan '押')
  2. verb to arrest / to detain / to guard
    Domain: Literary Chinese 文言文
    Notes: (Unihan '押')

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  • 拘押 to arrest / to take into custody
  • 关押(關押) to imprison
  • 押解 to send under escort
  • 押运(押運) to escort (goods or funds) / to convey under guard
  • 抵押 to provide (an asset) as security for a loan / to put up collateral
  • 收押 in custody / to keep in detention
  • 押送 to send under escort / to transport a detainee
  • 押宝(押寶) to play yabao (a gambling game) / to gamble on / to take one's chance / to try one's luck
  • 花押 signature (in grass-style writing) / symbol used in place of a signature (on a document, contract etc)
  • 押租 rent deposit
  • 押车(押車) to escort (goods) during transportation / to delay unloading
  • 看押 to detain / to take into custody / to imprison temporarily
  • 典押 to give a collateral loan
  • 扣押 to hold [a person] by force / to confiscate [goods]
  • 押寨夫人 the gang leader's wife

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