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玄奘 Xuán Zàng

Xuán Zàng proper noun Xuanzang / Hsuan-Tsang
Domain: Buddhism 佛教 , Subdomain: Chinese Buddhism 中国佛教 , Concept: Person 人
Notes: c. 602-664; Wide-Giles: Hsuan-Tsang; Xuanzang was a Tang dynasty Buddhist monk and translator who traveled to India in 629-645. He was given the title Tripiṭaka for his mastery and translation of Buddhist texts. Xuanzang's travel to India is recorded in the work 大唐西域記 'Tang Records of the Western Regions'; FGS translation standard: Xuanzang (BL 'Xuanzang'; Faxiang; FGDB '玄奘'; SEEKERS 'Hsuan-Tsang'; KDC 1065; T 2087).

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大唐故三藏玄奘法师行状寺沙门玄奘上表记C. 620-648; Tang dynasty buddhist monk and disciple of 玄奘, author and translator of Great Tang Records on the Western Regions 大唐西域记 (CC-CEDICT '辯機'; FGDB '辯機')

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Notes on Literary Chinese Introduction 1


Simplified Traditional Example Example Reference Frequency
僧玄奘 僧玄奘 觀僧玄奘迎禦制並書慈恩寺碑文 Old Book of Tang 《舊唐書》 卷四 本紀第四: 高宗上 Volume 4 Annals 4: Gaozong 1 4