verb to hold / to grasp / to shake hands
Domain: Modern Chinese 现代汉语
Notes: (CC-CEDICT '握'; Unihan '握')

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  • 掌握 to master / to know well ; to be within one's power / to seize / to grasp / to control
  • 握手 to shake hands
  • 把握 to grasp / to seize / to hold ; assurance / certainty
  • 握拳 to make a fist
  • 握柄 to wield power / to be in power
  • 紧握(緊握) to hold firmly, not let go
  • 在握 to hold in one's hands / to be within grasp
  • 握住 to grip / to hold
  • 大权在握(大權在握) to be in a position of power
  • 握力 (strength of one's) grip

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