1. verb to envy / to be jealous
    Domain: Literary Chinese 文言文
    Notes: (Unihan '忌')
  2. verb to fear
    Domain: Literary Chinese 文言文
    Notes: (Unihan '忌')

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  • 忌口 to abstain from certain food / to avoid certain foods / to be on a diet
  • 禁忌 to abstain from ; a taboo ; contraindication
  • 忌讳(忌諱) to avoid as taboo/to abstain from ; a sour fermented drink
  • 避忌 to avoid as taboo
  • 猜忌 to be suspicious and jealous of
  • 忌惮(忌憚) to be afraid of the consequences / restraining fear
  • 忌日 anniversary of a death / inauspicious day
  • 疑忌 jealousy / suspicious and jealous
  • 畏忌 to be arrested by fear / restraint / scruple
  • 切忌 to avoid as taboo / to avoid by all means
  • 顾忌(顧忌) to have misgivings / apprehension / worry / qualm / scruple
  • 妒忌 to be jealous of (sb's achievements etc) / to be envious / envy
  • 忌妒 to be jealous of / to envy / jealousy / envy
  • 威士忌 whiskey
  • 忌辰 anniversary of a death
  • 拘忌 to have scruples / to have misgivings
  • 乌忌(烏忌) Indo-Pacific finless porpoise / finless porpoise
  • 嫌忌 suspicion
  • 犯忌讳(犯忌諱) to violate a taboo
  • 肆无忌惮(肆無忌憚) to indulge without restraint

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