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Chinese Notes


chī noun confusion / stupidity / naivety / delusion / moha
Domain: Buddhism 佛教 , Concept: Mental Factor 心所
Notes: As a variant of 癡 (FGDB '癡')

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Collection Document Title Occurrences
Records of the Three Kingdoms 《三國志》 卷十八 魏書十八 二李臧文呂許典二龐閻傳 Volume 18: Book of Wei 18 - Biographies of the two Lis, Zang, Wen, Lü, Xu, Dian, the two Pangs, and Yan 2
The Book of Songs 《詩經》 國風‧周南‧葛覃 Lessons from the states - Odes Of Zhou And The South - Ge Tan 1
Old Book of Tang 《舊唐書》 卷六十一 列傳第十一: 溫大雅 陳叔達 竇威 Volume 61 Biographies 11: Wen Daya, Chen Shuda, Dou Wei 1
Old Book of Tang 《舊唐書》 卷六十七 列傳第十七: 李靖 李勣 Volume 67 Biographies 17: Li Jing, Li Ji 1
Book of Later Han 《後漢書》 卷八十六 南蠻西南夷列傳 Volume 86: Treatise on the Nanman, Southwestern Barbarians 1