verb to canvass for contributions / to recruit / to collect / to raise
Domain: Literary Chinese 文言文 , Subdomain:
Notes: (Guoyu '募')

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  • 募集 to raise / to collect
  • 私募基金 private equity fund / fund offered to private placement (e.g. hedge fund)
  • 募捐 to solicit contributions / to collect donations
  • 劝募(勸募) using a reward to recruit
  • 筹募(籌募) to raise funds / to collect money
  • 召募 to recruit [soldiers]
  • 招募 to recruit / to enlist
  • 捐募 to solicit donations
  • 募股 to raise capital through a share offer ; to raise capital through a share offer
  • 私募 private placement (investing)
  • 征募(徵募) to conscript
  • 募款 to raise funds
  • 公募 public placement (investing)

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