Chinese Notes
Chinese Notes

yù Yù

  1. proper noun Henan
    Domain: Places 地方 , Subdomain: Henan 河南 , Concept: Province 省
    Notes: Abbreviation for 河南
  2. proper noun Yuzhou
    Domain: History 历史 , Subdomain: China 中国 , Concept: Province 州
    Notes: Short for Yuzhou 豫州, one of the Nine Provinces 九州 of ancient China described in the Tribute of Yu 禹貢, located approximately in the southern part of present-day Henan

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Texts that the word is most frequently mentioned in

Collection Document Title Occurrences
History of Song 《宋史》 卷四百七十五 列傳第二百三十四 叛臣上 張邦昌 劉豫 苗傅劉正彥 杜充 吳曦 Volume 475 Biographies 234: Rebellious Officials 1 - Zhang Bangchang, Liu Yu, Miao Fuliuzhengyan, Du Chong, Wu Xi 141
Records of the Three Kingdoms 《三國志》 卷二十六 魏書二十六 滿田牽郭傳 Volume 26: Book of Wei 26 - Biographies of Man, Tian, Qian, and Guo 66
History of Jin 《金史》 卷七十七 列傳第十五: 宗弼本名兀朮,子:亨(本名孛迭) 張邦昌 劉豫 昌本名撻懶 Volume 77 Biographies 15: Zong Bi formerly named Wupai, son: Heng (formerly named Beidie), Zhang Bangchang, Liu Yu, Chang formerly named Talan 43
Old Book of Tang 《舊唐書》 卷三十 志第十: 音樂三 Volume 30 Treatises 10: Music 3 30
Stratagems of the Warring States 《戰國策》 卷十八 趙一 Chapter 18: Zhao I 21
Book of Southern Qi 《南齊書》 卷十四 志第六 州郡上 Volume 14 Treatises 6: Administrative Districts 1 20
History of Ming 《明史》 卷六十二 志第三十八 樂二 Volume 62 Treatises 38: Music 2 18
Records of the Grand Historian 《史記》 《刺客列傳》 Biographies of Assassins 17
Book of Song 《宋書》 卷三十六 志第二十六 州郡二 Volume 36 Treatises 26: Administrative Districts 2 16
Book of Wei 《魏書》 卷97 島夷桓玄 海夷馮跋 島夷劉裕 Volume 97: Huan Xuan of the Daoyi People, Feng Ba of the Haiyi, Liu Yu of the Daoyi 14


Simplified Traditional Example Example Reference Frequency
豫让 豫讓 昔者豫讓 Huainanzi 《淮南子》 卷九 主術訓 Chapter 9: The Sovereign's Methods 37
豫贾 豫賈 市不豫賈 Huainanzi 《淮南子》 卷六 覽冥訓 Chapter 6: Observing the Obscure 6
曰豫 曰豫 曰豫 Book of Documents 《尚書》 周書 洪範 Zhou Shu - Great Plan 6
豫戒 豫戒 豫戒者也 Guanzi 《管子》 輕重乙第八十一 Chapter 81: Weight II 4
备豫 備豫 備豫不虞 The Commentary of Zuo on the Spring and Autumn Annals 《春秋左氏傳》 文公 Lord Wen 4
豫建 豫建 而曰豫建太子 Records of the Grand Historian 《史記》 《孝文本紀》 Annals of the Xiaowen Emperor 4
乐豫 樂豫 樂豫為司馬 The Commentary of Zuo on the Spring and Autumn Annals 《春秋左氏傳》 文公 Lord Wen 3
不可豫 不可豫 王數不可豫致 Guanzi 《管子》 國準第七十九 Chapter 79: State Standards 3
豫子 豫子 嗟乎豫子 Records of the Grand Historian 《史記》 《刺客列傳》 Biographies of Assassins 3
厎豫 厎豫 而瞽瞍厎豫 Mencius 《孟子》 離婁上 Li Lou I 3