Chinese Notes
Chinese Notes

  1. noun clothes / dress / garment
    Domain: Clothing 服装
  2. measure word dressing
    Domain: Modern Chinese 现代汉语 , Subdomain: Quantity 数量
  3. verb to serve / to obey / to comply / to defer
    Domain: Modern Chinese 现代汉语 , Subdomain: Work 工作
  4. verb to take medicine
    Domain: Health 健康
  5. verb to be suitable for
    Domain: Modern Chinese 现代汉语 , Subdomain: Condition 状况

Contained in

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Texts that the word is most frequently mentioned in

Collection Document Title Occurrences
Book of Sui 《隋書》 卷12 志第7 禮儀七 Volume 12 Treatises 7: Rites 7 222
Book of Sui 《隋書》 卷11 志第6 禮儀六 Volume 11 Treatises 6: Rites 6 203
History of Song 《宋史》 卷一百二十五 志第七十八 禮二十八 Volume 125 Treatises 78: Rites 28 180
Old Book of Tang 《舊唐書》 卷四十五 志第二十五: 輿服 Volume 45 Treatises 25: Carriages and Clothes 178
New Book of Tang 《新唐書》 卷二十四    志第十四   車服 Volume 24 Treatises 15: Carraiges and Attire 173
Book of Song 《宋書》 卷十五 志第五 禮二 Volume 15 Treatises 5: Rituals 2 170
Book of Jin 《晉書》 卷二十 志第十 禮中 Volume 20 Treatises 10: Rites Part Two 138
History of Ming 《明史》 卷五十九 志第三十五 禮十三 Volume 59 Treatises 35: Rites 13 135
History of Song 《宋史》 卷一百五十一 志第一百〇四 輿服三 Volume 151 Treatises 104: Carriages and Clothes 3 128
Book of Wei 《魏書》 卷108之四 禮志四之四 Volume 108d Treatise 4: Rituals 4 128


Simplified Traditional Example Example Reference Frequency
车服 車服 車服不繫其夫 The Book of Songs 《詩經》 國風‧召南‧何彼襛矣 Lessons from the states - Odes Of Shao And The South - He Bi Nong Yi 5
服曰 服曰 師服曰 The Commentary of Zuo on the Spring and Autumn Annals 《春秋左氏傳》 桓公 Lord Huan 4
服厥 服厥 民服厥命 Book of Documents 《尚書》 商書 太甲中 Shang Shu - Tai Jia II 4
五服 五服 五服三就 Book of Documents 《尚書》 虞書 舜典 Yu Shu - Canon of Shun 4
叔服 叔服 天王使叔服來會葬 The Commentary of Zuo on the Spring and Autumn Annals 《春秋左氏傳》 文公 Lord Wen 4
民服 民服 邦民服 Book of Documents 《尚書》 虞書 丹朱(伪) Yu Shu - Dan Zhu (forged) 3
旧服 舊服 纘禹舊服 Book of Documents 《尚書》 商書 仲虺之誥 Shang Shu - Announcement of Zhong-hui 3
服在 服在 有服在百僚 Book of Documents 《尚書》 周書 多士 Zhou Shu - Numerous Officers 2
攸服 攸服 淮夷攸服 The Book of Songs 《詩經》 魯頌‧駉之什‧泮水 Sacrificial odes of Zhou - Decade Of Jiong - Pan Shui 2
侯服 侯服 侯服于周 The Book of Songs 《詩經》 大雅‧文王之什‧文王 Greater odes of the kingdom - Decade Of Wen Wang - Wen Wang 2