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司徒 sītú

  1. sītú proper noun Situ
    Domain: Modern Chinese 现代汉语 , Subdomain: Names 名字 , Concept: Two-Character Surname 复姓
    Notes: A two-character surname (CC-CEDICT '司徒'; Guoyu '司徒' 2; Guoyu '徒' 2c)
  2. sītú noun minister of education / director of instruction
    Domain: Literary Chinese 文言文
    Notes: One of the six minsters in the Zhou dynasty system of government, responsible for education and culture (CC-CEDICT '司徒'; Guoyu '司徒' 1; Guoyu '徒' 2c)

Texts that the word is most frequently mentioned in

Collection Document Title Occurrences
New Book of Tang 《新唐書》 卷六十三    表第三   宰相下 Volume 63 Tables 3: Chancellors 3 43
History of the Northern Dynasties 《北史》 卷五  魏本紀第五:  敬宗孝莊帝 節閔帝 廢帝 孝武帝 西魏文帝 西魏廢帝 西魏恭帝 東魏孝靜帝 Volume 5 Wei Annals 5: Emperor Jingzong Xiaozhuang, Emperor Jiemin, Deposed Emperor, Emperor Xiaowu, Emperor Wen of Western Wei, Deposed Emperor of Western Wei, Emperor Gong of Western Wei, Emperor Xiaojing of Eastern Wei 42
Book of Later Han 《後漢書》 卷八 孝靈帝紀 Volume 8: Annals of Emperor Xiaoling 31
History of the Northern Dynasties 《北史》 卷四  魏本紀第四:  世宗宣武帝 肅宗孝明帝 Volume 4 Wei Annals 4: Emperor Shizong Xuanwen, Emperor Suzong Xiaoming 26
Book of Sui 《隋書》 卷35 志第30 經籍四 Volume 35 Treatises 30: Bibliography 4 25
Book of Wei 《魏書》 卷12 孝静紀 Volume 12 Annals: (Emperor) Xiaojing 24
History of the Northern Dynasties 《北史》 卷八  齊本紀下第八: 世祖武成帝 後主 幼主 Volume 8 Northern Qi Annals 3: Emperor Shizu Wucheng, Later Rulers, Younger Rulers 22
Book of Later Han 《後漢書》 卷七 孝桓帝紀 Volume 7: Annals of Emperor Xiaohuan 22
History of Yuan 《元史》 卷七十五 志第二十六:  祭祀四 Volume 75 Treatises 28: Offerings 4 21
Book of Later Han 《後漢書》 卷一下 光武帝紀 Volume 1b: Annals of Emperor Guangwu 19


Simplified Traditional Example Example Reference Frequency
大司徒 大司徒 邊卬為大司徒 The Commentary of Zuo on the Spring and Autumn Annals 《春秋左氏傳》 昭公 Lord Zhao 69
司徒孔 司徒孔 司徒孔實相子革 The Commentary of Zuo on the Spring and Autumn Annals 《春秋左氏傳》 襄公 Lord Xiang 7
司徒掾 司徒掾 大司徒掾督逐 Book of Han 《漢書》 卷十二 平帝紀 Volume 12: Annals of Emperor Ping 6
司徒司 司徒司 陳崇時為大司徒司直 Book of Han 《漢書》 卷九十九上 王莽傳 Volume 99a: Wang Mang 1 6
司徒王 司徒王 司徒王尋 Book of Han 《漢書》 卷九十九下 王莽傳 Volume 99c: Wang Mang 3 5
司徒马 司徒馬 大司徒馬宮等咸稱莽功德比周公 Book of Han 《漢書》 卷七十七 蓋諸葛劉鄭孫毌將何傳 Volume 77: Gai, Zhuge, Liu, Zheng, Sun, Wujiang and He 4
韩司徒 韓司徒 使張良以韓司徒降下韓故地 Records of the Grand Historian 《史記》 《韓信盧綰列傳》Biographies of Han Xin (King of Han) and Lu Wan 4
司徒招 司徒招 屬諸司徒招與公子過 The Commentary of Zuo on the Spring and Autumn Annals 《春秋左氏傳》 昭公 Lord Zhao 3
命司徒 命司徒 命司徒巡行縣鄙 The Book of Rites 《禮記》 《月令》 Proceedings of Government in the Different Months 3
曰司徒 曰司徒 五曰司徒 Book of Documents 《尚書》 周書 洪範 Zhou Shu - Great Plan 3