verb to ward off with hand / to defend
Domain: Literary Chinese 文言文
Notes: (Unihan '拒')

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  • 拒绝(拒絕) to refuse / to decline / to reject
  • 抗拒 to resist / to defy / to oppose
  • 拒斥 to reject
  • 婉拒 to tactfully decline / to turn down gracefully
  • 不可抗拒 act of God / force majeure (law) / irresistible (idiom)
  • 拒载(拒載) to refuse to take a passenger (of taxi)
  • 拒付 to refuse to accept a payment / to refuse to pay / to stop (a check or payment)
  • 拒收 to reject / to refuse to accept
  • 遭拒 to meet with a refusal (e.g. visa) / to have an application rejected
  • 抵拒 to resist / to stand up to
  • 拒马(拒馬) cheval de frise (a type of barrier)
  • 峻拒 to sternly refuse
  • 障拒 to hinder / to obstruct communications

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