1. guàn verb to pour in
    Domain: Literary Chinese 文言文
    Notes: In the sense of 注入 (Guoyu '灌' v 1; Unihan '灌')
  2. guàn noun an irrigation ceremony
    Domain: Literary Chinese 文言文
    Notes: (Guoyu '灌' n 1; Han Dian '灌' 6)
  3. guàn verb to irrigate
    Domain: Literary Chinese 文言文
    Notes: In the sense of 浇水 (Guoyu '灌' v 2; Unihan '灌')
  4. guàn verb to record [sound]
    Domain: Modern Chinese 现代汉语
    Notes: For example, 灌唱片 'make a record' (Guoyu '灌' v 2; Unihan '灌')
  5. guàn proper noun Guan
    Domain: Modern Chinese 现代汉语 , Subdomain: Names 名字 , Concept: Surname 姓氏
    Notes: (Guoyu '灌' n 2)

Contained in

  • 灌溉 to irrigate
  • 灌木 bush / shrub
  • 浇灌(澆灌) to water / to irrigate
  • 灌输(灌輸) to imbue with / to inculcate / to instill into / to teach / to impart / to channel water to another place
  • 灌注 to pour into / to concentrate one's attention on / to teach / to inculcate / to instill place
  • 灌沐 to wash up/to freshen up
  • 醍醐灌顶(醍醐灌頂) to anoint your head with the purest cream / to enlighten people with perfect wisdom / flawless Buddhist teaching
  • 灌木丛(灌木叢) shrub / shrubbery
  • 灌肠(灌腸) sausage with a starchy filling
  • 倒灌 to flow backwards (of water, because of flood, tide, wind etc) / reverse flow / to back up (sewage)
  • 灌丛(灌叢) scrub / shrubland / undergrowth
  • 灌浆(灌漿) grouting / (of grain) to be in the milk / to form a vesicle (medicine)
  • 海水倒灌 saltwater intrusion
  • 灌醉 to fuddle / to befuddle / to inebriate / to get someone drunk
  • 灌水 to irrigate / to pour water into / to inject water into meat to increase its weight (plumping) / to cook the books / to post low-value messages (small talk etc) on Internet forums
  • 沃灌 to irrigate / to wash with water
  • 灌濯 to wash / to rinse
  • 灌渠 irrigation channel
  • 半灌木 semi-arbor type tree
  • 灌酒 to force to drink alcohol
  • 灌唱片 to make a record

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