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Statue of an Old Man

The Chinese text for these poems can be found in the Complete Tang Poems 全唐詩. This is a collection of Tang poetry commissioned in 1705 by the Imperial Court (Idema and Haft, 1997, p. 50). See References for details.

Chen Zi'ang 陳子昂 (661 - 702)

Song on Ascending the Youzhou Terrace 幽州

He Zhizhang 賀知章(659-744)

Random Lines on Home-Coming

Wang Zhihuan 王之渙(688-742)

Ascending the Stork Tower
Liang County Song 涼州

Meng Haoran 孟浩然(689-740)

Spring Dawn

Wang Wei 王維(701-761)

Bidding Adieu to a Friend 送別
Clear Stream
Luanjia Rapids
Bamboo Grove Cabin
Bird-Chirping Hollow 鳥鳴
Smallholders' Homes by the Wei River 渭川田家

Li Bai 李白(701-762)

Crows Croaking at Dusk
A Tune of Crows Roosting Before the Eve

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