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Glossary and Vocabulary for Shuo Wen Jie Zi 《說文解字》, 《句部》 Jù Radical

Word count: 49, unique words: 21, character count: 50


  1. Frequencies of Lexical Words
  2. Frequencies of all Words
  3. Bigrams

Frequencies of Lexical Words

Frequency Chinese Pinyin English
10 sentence
4 shēng sound
3 tune / song
2 gǒu a basket trap for fish
2 zhú bamboo
1 gōu hook character stroke
1 zhǐ to stop / to halt
1 ministry / department / section
1 jīn gold
1 shǔ to belong to / be subordinate to
1 shǒu hand
1 fán ordinary / common
1 to adhere / to capture / to restrain
1 捕魚 bǔyú to catch fish / to fish
1 jiū to gather together / to investigate / to entangle / to correct


Top 21

Frequency Simplified Traditional Example Document
1 丩声 丩聲 从口丩聲 《句部》 Jù Radical
1 凡句 凡句 凡句之屬皆从句 《句部》 Jù Radical
1 曲竹 曲竹 曲竹捕魚笱也 《句部》 Jù Radical
1 竹捕鱼 竹捕魚 曲竹捕魚笱也 《句部》 Jù Radical
1 捕鱼笱 捕魚笱 曲竹捕魚笱也 《句部》 Jù Radical
1 句部 句部 句部 《句部》 Jù Radical

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