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眼睛 yǎnjing

yǎnjing noun eye
Domain: Health 健康 , Subdomain: Vision 视力
Notes: Measure word: 只 one or 双 pair. The eyes are often used as a metaphor for knowledge. For example, 闭拢眼睛说假话 'to close one's eyes and tell a lie [about something inconvenient]' (Suyu, p. 45; CC-CEDICT '眼睛')

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Collection Document Title Occurrences
Book of Wei 《魏書》 卷97 島夷桓玄 海夷馮跋 島夷劉裕 Volume 97: Huan Xuan of the Daoyi People, Feng Ba of the Haiyi, Liu Yu of the Daoyi 1
History of the Southern Dynasties 《南史》 卷十三  列傳第三 宋宗室及諸王上 Volume 13 Biographies 3: Members of the Song Imperial Family 1 1
History of the Southern Dynasties 《南史》 卷二十八 列傳第十八 褚裕之 Volume 28 Biographies 18: Chu Yuzhi 1
History of the Northern Dynasties 《北史》 卷九十四 列傳第八十二: 高麗 百濟 新羅 勿吉 奚 契丹 室韋 豆莫婁 地豆干 烏洛侯 流求 倭 Volume 94 Biographies 82: Goryeo, Baekje, Silla, Wuji, Xi, Khitan, Shiwei, Doumolou, Didouyu, Wuluohou, Liuqiu, Japan 1
History of Song 《宋史》 卷一百八十六 志第一百三十九 食貨下八 Volume 186 Treatises 139: Finance and Economics 2h 1
A small number of phrases from the writings of Ye Shengtao A Scarecrow 《稻草人》 1