History of Song 宋史

The twentieth of the 二十四史 twenty four standard histories, compiled under the supervision of 脫脫 Toqto with a group of scholars including 歐陽玄 Ouyang Xuan, covering the Song dynasty (960-1279)


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English translations

  • Chien, Cecilia Lee-fang 2004, Salt and State: An Annotated Translation of the Songshi Salt Monopoly Treatise, Michigan: Center for Chinese Studies, University of Michigan. This book contains a translation of volumes 181-183 of the History of Song. Maps corresponding to the main roads described in the volumes on geagraphy (85-90) are also included.
  • Standen, Naomi 2007, Unbounded Loyalty: Frontier Crossing in Liao China, E-Book. Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press. This book contains a number of translated fragments.
  • Discussion

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